The above photo-montage comes via Daniel Dendra on Facebook. The montage-maker has not yet been identified.

Today is World Architects Day. Or was it yesterday. Or tomorrow—if it exists at all. Thinking about it, I can hardly imagine any global social institution establishing such  a commemorative day, except as an excuse to round them all up and…make them live in buildings they designed.


There is a certain fascination with the montage—who’s shown and, more interestingly, who isn’t. Who is in the first row and who is in the back. Who is next to whom? Lots of room for narcissistic gratification and injury. Considering the price an architect has to pay to become prominent enough (successful?) to be included in such a roundup, is it better to be in the picture or left out? And, does any of this really matter?

Oh, the games people—yes, all of us—play….

The most glaring and disturbing perspective the montage presents is the overwhelming maleness of the group. Considering that for many years easily half of students in the schools where I’ve taught have been women, what accounts for their scarcity here? The bias of the montage-maker? The bias of the profession? The bias of the whole society?

For those who find such questions tiresome, there is always the game of how many faces can you identify. No risks there.


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