The Cafe is finally, actually, open, after the usual construction delays, and of course the picky architect, who fussed endlessly over details.

So, drop in, check out the Menu-1, created by my selecting the most pointed questions from the many submitted by the readers of the LW blog.   To all who submitted questions, I want to express my gratitude, and to them I want to say that while all questions were not used, it’s still   possible for some to appear on future Menus. I also want to ask for the understanding of those whose questions were used that it was necessary to do some editing, which I think has not altered any meaning. If it has, please add a comment below informing me of any errors—I will correct them as quickly as possible.

All who visit the Cafe are invited to respond to the questions on the Menu. A number of the regulars have received special email invitations for the grand opening. I’m hopeful they’ll drop by, select a choice question or two, and leave their responses in the Comments section. Remember, all Comments will be moderated.

Hope you enjoy!

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