I came across this article on another website recently and found it to be quite a good piece of criticism—well-researched, thoughtfully argued, and willing to look at all opinions about the recent building by Thom Mayne and Morphosis in New York City. The main theme of the article is the relationship of science-fiction imagery to the design of the building, with a sub-theme of its other design influences. I hesitated to post it here because my work is prominently mentioned, but, as you will see, the article looks critically at it, too, and shows its influences. For my part—and I suspect Thom Mayne’s, as well—I dislike the science-fiction reference. Still, I’ve gotten used to it over the years and by now see its usefulness as a critical trope in the hands of a serious critic, such as the author of this article. What is most obviously missing from the article is the more important impact of Mayne’s own experimentation and research, carried on steadily in his practice for the past nearly forty years, but that is beyond its intended focus.


David Holowka is the author of the article above.

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