Stepping back from my own perspectives and opinions for once, I would like to ask you, dear readers of this blog, a crucial question: what do you think are the most urgent questions to put before architects today? This is not a survey. Rather, I am asking because I want to know what you think are the important issues confronting the wide—or narrow, depending on your perception—field of architecture today.

The most compelling and difficult questions will be put before a panel of fearless discussants in an on-line symposium I will convene on a special blog after the upcoming holidays. Go there to find out how it will work.

I realize the broadness of the question will make it unappealing to some, too difficult for others. Understand that its breadth is simply my way of leaving the door open to any question related to architecture. Hopefully, many of you will be able to respond in the next two or three weeks, by posting Comments to this post. Also, please keep in mind that what I hope you will offer is a question, not its answer. Indeed, as I have said before, the only question worth asking is one for which you do not already have an answer.


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