This blog is a month old, almost.

Like any infant, its character has already been formed, partly by genetics, partly by the nurturing environment it inhabits. A consistent theme of my posts has been the topic of criticism—the genetics. The consistent contributions of commentators has been the critical discussion of ideas–the environment. I must say that I am more than satisfied by the quality of the comments made so far. They have been thoughtfully considered and skillfully crafted. More than that, they have been deeply felt, and probing. It is clear that those who have chosen to join the discussion so far are not afraid of words. That is extremely encouraging to me, as I believe words—particularly those written—are a vital part of architecture.

What I have in mind for the future of this blog is to post works and writings of others, and not just architects. This doesn’t mean that I want to stray far from the subject of architecture, but only that I believe architecture, as a field of knowledge and also a practice, touches upon, or actively embraces, other fields and practices. This short post is, in effect, a solicitation for written works from anyone who has something to say or contribute to the discussion already begun. It is up to contributors to shape the discussion, to give it life, and direction. As you might expect, I will moderate, and critically.

Anyone interested in doing so should go to my website ( and fill out a ‘contact form,’ letting me know what exactly you would like to contribute as a post. I will consider each contact in confidence and with discretion. I will reply to each contact, and in substance. Contacts, and potential posts, that I believe contribute to the discussions underway, or that establish valuable new directions, will be posted, with a succinct introduction by me.

Consider the possibility.

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